It happened again

Whelp, I didn’t think it was possible, but apparently in my world it is.  My 2 yr old scared another 10 yrs off my life.  So far, by my count, I have lost over 20 yrs from my overall life expectancy.  Here’s the scoop: with it still being summer the whole family was out in the front yard playing.  We have an asphalt semi-circular driveway that the girls ride their scooters or bikes on or we draw chalk pictures or, as on this particular day, we were playing “baseball” with a plastic bat & whiffle ball.  So the 2yr old is running with the bat and TRIPS, either from the bat or the front of her little sandals, and FALLS FACE FIRST on the asphalt driveway.  She landed with a gut wrenching thud and hit her two top teeth right on the asphalt. 

Well, all Hell breaks loose because the 7yr old was standing right in front of the 2yr old & watched her fall and hit her face.  She starts freaking out that her baby sister is going to lose her teeth, the husband is freaking out that she knocked her teeth out AND we’re going to have to take her to the emergency room, the 2yr old is crying her little eyes out, and I’m attempting to calm and comfort her plus find out how bad of a situation we are really facing.  In the meantime, the 7yr old ran off to her room sobbing that her sister’s teeth were all coming out.  

I took her into the house and began washing her mouth out ~ oh and by the way, she didn’t knock the teeth out! ~ but they were loose.  There was even some asphalt embedded in her teeth.  Inside my head I’m thinking, “My poor, poor baby.  Please God don’t let her loose her teeth!”  I don’t want her to have to go around with a huge gap in her teeth for the next 4yrs until her adult teeth come in. This little girl is such a trooper!  She stopped crying a couple minutes later and she didn’t complain about them hurting.  She has been through more stuff in her short 2 yrs of life than many can (or would care to) say.  I really think she is taking after her father.  He had so many accidents as a child the people at the hospital were starting to look at his mother funny! 

(Writer’s note: While in the middle of writing this post, the 2 yr old got some kind of virus.  She vomited and developed a fever that lasted two days.  The scariest part was that her fever spiked to 104.9 degrees!!  Wanna talk about freaking out?  It took everything in my power not to panic at that.  I was able to get her cooled down by applying wet wash cloths all over her.  We called 911.  This is not something we have ever had to do before nor is it something that we ever thought that we would have to do.  By the time the people got to the house I had managed to get her temperature down to 101.4 degrees.  Luckily the virus/fever only lasted those 48 hrs and now she is back to her normal healthy self!! ~ as confirmed by her doctor.  I always look like the hypochondriac mom because the minute I take the kids to the doctor they are completely normal.  “I swear doctor; she had a fever and was vomiting!”).

About 4 days after falling, I finally got her in to see the dentist.  This was actually her first visit to the dentist.  Since this dentist office is geared to young children, they do a phenomenal job of making the kids feel comfortable.  Her teeth were still slightly loose.  What was worse, though, was having the dentist tell me that her teeth will begin to discolor and that they may still end up coming out (and not just at their regularly scheduled “it’s time to loose the baby teeth” time). 

C’est la vie.  Not like there is a whole lot I can do about it.  I suppose it is just one more thing for me to feel guilty about…. not being able to protect her.  I KNOW it’s irrational to believe that I can or should save her from all falls, accidents, life, etc. but it is also very difficult to handle when as a parent we are almost programmed to protect.  So I take a deep breath in and release the breath out along with all the things I can’t control in this life. 

Like how many more years I will get to live…

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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