Shameless, shameless plug

I have to do it…. I should have done it a couple weeks ago.  Right after my brilliant husband finished it.  What is it, you may be asking?  Well, it’s a video of the disassemble he did on the new iPhone!  Why ever did he do that, you say!?  Because that is part of our business.  You see, we have a website PDAparts, and we sell parts and accessories for all types of PDAs, smartphones, iPods, and now iPhones!  Plus we have lots of videos and/or directions, for different types of repairs on different model units, that you can follow to do the repair yourself.  We even offer a repair service if you don’t feel confident enough in your technical skills.

So, the husband waited in line at the AT &T store in our little town to get an iPhone strictly so that he could take it apart!  Yes, people think it was crazy for him to do that but it has been worth it.  He put the take-apart video up on You Tube (and I will embed it here) Friday night immediately after they finished it and we have since had almost 40,000 hits!!

Hope you enjoy.  And remember to check out our website for parts & accessories.  We probably have the part YOU need! 

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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