Books, books, books, and more books

Aahhh!  I am so excited!  I have managed to read not one, not two, no not even three but SEVEN books in the last couple of months.  This is a feat of greatness as far as I’m concerned.  When I barely had time to read a single book in the last 6 months to reading 7 books in less than 2 months, I call that a miracle. 

What a joy, sheer pleasure, to read again.  I find that I want to read more now, immediately, I don’t want to have to work or do anything else (which sort of explains the length of time that has elapsed since my last post).  I have the new book with me as I type this.  I will read as soon as I do some work.  I must try to be responsible while indulging in my (re-awakened addiction) to reading. 

All of the books I’ve finished have been fairly different subjects.  One of the books was a ‘modern girl in the city’ kind of book but with a twist.  She was a HUGE Jane Austin fan, so she tried to live her life by a Jane Austin code of ethics.  Very light reading, easy, and fun.  I just finished the second book in a series about vampires / vampire hunters.  There was most definitely a slant to this series, in that, the story was taking place during the Regency period in England.  The heroine was a sort of ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’.  Now, I’m not generally a fan of scary movies or books but I LOVED the two books so far in the series.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until Feb 2008 for the third book to be published!  I can hardly stand it!  I want it now!! 

I also read three Amanda Quick books.  All historical romance kind of stories.  She likes to add the element of ‘psychic powers’ into many of her books and these were no expection.  This doesn’t bother me at all and it does make it slightly more interesting to read than the traditional historical romance types.  Oh yeah, plus a book by someone I just came across while browsing at the library.  Marne Davis Kellogg.  The book I read was ‘Brilliant’ and that’s not just a description of the story but the title as well.  Her heroine was a jewel thief.  Quite enjoyable.  It was also the first in a series of books.  

A new larger library was recently built in our town so the old library is currently closed due to moving.  They aren’t scheduled to reopen until July 21st so I will have to wait just a bit longer to get my hands on the others in that series.  (A side note: I can’t wait for the library to reopen also because from what I’ve seen the in paper, it’s going to be awesome!)

In the mean time, my sister has given me a Johanna Lindsey to read, and no it isn’t part of a series but one part of a family.  She is very fond of writing stories about whole families.  Since I have read all the other family members stories, then I only saw it fitting to read this one too.  Thanks, sis.  My friend has two books that she wants me to read next.  Between her opinion and that of another friend on these books, I have no doubt that I will love the stories as well.  Apparently there are eight books, all together, that cover the stories of the members of a navy seal team.  Yeah, bring ’em on. 

All right, I’m going to read some of this book that’s calling to me, before I have to return to work that must be done.  BLAH!

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),


(7/10/07 Writer’s note: I finished the JL book and another book by Stephanie Rowe!!  A cute story called: ‘Date me, baby, one more time’ and she wrote a spin-off called ‘Must love dragons’ that I’m going to look for at the bookstore.  For the moment I’ve started the book ‘The defiant hero’ by Suzanne Brockmann.  Should be good.)

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