Oh, the joy.

There are days when I can’t imagine my life without my two precious daughters.  Like when they are playing together and laughing or when I hear the 7yr old reading to her sister or when the 2yr old asks, “sissy, pleeez turn da moovie on”.  TOO CUTE. 

Yesterday was not one of those days.  Yesterday was a day I asked myself (and the husband) ‘why did we have children?‘  All I heard, from the two of them, on this particular day was:

  1. yelling (from the 7yr old),
  2. screaming (from the 2yr old),
  3. arguing (from the 7yr old),
  4. and whining (again from the 7yr old)  

So, the stand-up comedy show that Bill Cosby did in the 80’s comes back to mind.  Do you remember that show?  It was freakin hilarious!  The whole bit about his littlest daughter screaming, ‘mine, mine, mine’.  And how the sound of that screeching traveled along the spine.  I felt that.  I genuinely felt that irritating sound go into my ears, course down my spine and then back up again, and finish by rattling around in my brain.

Of course, the 7yr old comes running to me to tell me that her sister took away her toy (or whatever it was) and I’ve already lost all patience because my nerves are now shot ~ due to the screeching that has traveled up my spine & rattled around my brain ~ and I tell the 7yr old, ‘SO WHAT!  She has stuff that belongs to me too!  Just give it to her!  Can’t you hear her screaming?!’.  I swear to you, this is STRAIGHT out of his show!!  It’s like I’ve just pulled this out of my memory banks without even consciously thinking about it.

Well, it doesn’t end with this beautiful scenario of sisterly love and parental devotion, no, oh no, it gets better….

By now it’s just around the 2yr old’s bedtime (which should have sent alarm bells ringing in my head) causing her to be even more ‘terrible’ terrible 2’s.  She begins trampeling all over her sisters handy work of strategically placed pillows on the floor.  The 7yr old grabs the ‘pocket change’ the 2yr old is grasping in her tinsy fist, prys her fingers open, and throws the money across the room.  The 2yr old melts down into a gigantic tantrum then hits the 7yr old.  The 2yr old is crying and running to daddy to complain about her sister throwing her ‘pocket change’.  The 7yr old screams, ‘she hit me’.  He yells at the 7yr old, who yells back that it’s not her fault, he yells back at her to go to her room, and she stomps off howling about how daddy doesn’t love her!!!  

Oh, the joy of parenting.

In the mean time, I’ve been in the kitchen attempting to clean up the dishes from dinner.  And listening to all the chaos occuring done the hall.  I really don’t want to have to get involved.  But it’s clear that I will have to.

After talking with the 7yr old and attempting to reassure her that we still love her, trying to explain to the 2yr about hitting / yelling (this always works well with a 2yr old), and telling them both that they can’t take things away from each other, we got everyone settled down ~at least for the moment.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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