The last day of school…

is coming soon!!  We only have 4 DAYS before it’s summer break!  This has been the earliest last day of school for us (but of course we’ll start back to school earlier).   I think I am more excited than my 1st grader ~if that’s at all possible.  She will be going to a day camp during the week and they have all sorts of fantastic trips & activities planned.  But what it means for me (and really, isn’t that all that matters~HA), is that I will be able to sleep in just a little bit later on a daily basis.  So instead of being required to get up at 5:30am or 6:00am, I’ll be able to get up at 6:30 or 7:00am.  Whoop!!  Not a huge amount of time extra but it WILL add up over all the days of summer.  Now, as long as I can get the 2 yr old to cooperate and sleep past 5:30am, then we’ll all be good.

The morning routine will be MUCH less harried and chaotic.  No rushing to get all the daily things together, backpacks & lunches, shoes and so on.  I’m dreaming of leisurely mornings and no screaming (by me) to get dressed then brush your teeth!  And no shouting (by the 7yr old) what should I wear today? 

I remember what the last day of school meant for me.  Obviously slightly different things at different ages, but in general it meant FREEDOM!  No daily homework, no studying, no going to bed early, and no getting up early!  Playing outside with friends until it was dark.  Watching TV for half the morning.  Swimming until my fingers & toes were pruney.  Essentially anything I wanted to do.   

Since I am an “adult” with children now, I won’t have the freedom of years past.  But hopefully it will still be lots of fun.  I’d like to take the girls on a couple trips to the beach, maybe go a few times to our local amusement park.  Since we don’t currently have a swimming pool, I’m sure I’ll be schlepping us and all our stuff to the aquatic center to take advantage of that facility.

The whole family (except us) are going to Maui again this year.  I am really disappointed about this.  We go to the same place every time & I love that we don’t have to go here or there to see this site, this antique, this museum.  We just relax on the beach, play games together, eat, drink, and enjoy each others company.  When reality is so stressful, full of running around all the time, it is an incredible change of pace that I will sorely miss.  Alas, we will just have to find other things to do….   

For some reason, whenever children are involved, it is never difficult to have a good time.  Their natural energy and excitement almost always takes over.  Therefore, I have no doubt that once school is out, we’ll get to shout, and run about ~ just kidding! ~ in all seriousness it’s gonna be a blast.  I love summer. 

Can you hear the clock ticking?  It’s counting down the days… to the last day of school!

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),



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