My child is going to turn into a macaroni noodle

I swear to you that this is true.  And I’ve been telling my friends this for ages.  My 2 yr old will only eat Mac n cheese for days on end.  Luckily, I can get her to eat something normal for breakfast, like yogurt or mini pancakes.  But when it comes to lunch / dinner time, then I better be making her mac n cheese or let the tantrums BEGIN!  She even knows which cupboard has the EasyMac (hey, I’m busy and it takes too long to cook it the old fashioned way), so she will ~oh so kindly~ get it out for me.


It never fails that when the husband and I start discussing dinner options, she’ll chime-in with “MACCHEESE” in her squeaky, pacifier hanging out of her mouth, toddler voice.  There are times when I give in and make it for her (what the heck, she’ll get all the nutrients she needs eventually, right?) and then there are times when I have to put my foot down and tell her and the husband that I just won’t do it.  I guess these are the occasions when my conscience gets the better of me.  I “ACT” like a real mom and I make a proper meal for her and the family.  I really do worry about her & her sister not getting enough variety to provide all the vitamins and minerals they should be getting.  Not to mention healthy enough meals so that the husband & I can stay svelte.   

It’s all that show’s fault.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  “Honey we’re killing the kids”.  And those damn commercials that tell me it’s all in my hands whether my kids end up with diabetes or are obese.  It’s not as if I’m not already under enough pressure trying to be a good mom.  I question everything I do and wonder whether I am screwing them up for the rest of their lives as it is!  Will they turn into a) druggies, b) alcoholics, c) sluts, d) dropouts or e) all of the above?  Will they be able to hold down a job?  Will they be able to find someone that is a decent person to love and marry?  Will they be able to stay married?  Are my husband & I setting a good enough example of how married people should behave?  And it goes on and on and on…. But on top of all that, I have to be constantly on guard to protect them from ME and the evil, horrible food that I’m serving.  Aaahhh, I’m plagued by insecurities! 

What is a neurotic, insecure mother supposed to do?!  Oh, just give her the mac n cheese.  By the way, the whole fam went out to dinner tonight and guess what the 2 yr old got? One guess… but you won’t even need that, MAC N CHEESE!

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),


One thought on “My child is going to turn into a macaroni noodle

  1. Hi! I was browsing for humor and found your page. I just wanted to offer a couple of words of encouragement. This phase will pass just keep trying to get to eat something else with the mac’n cheese. My daughter did the same thing when she was that age. Our doctor also recommended childrens vitamins to supplement what she might be missing. Although, we still have to encourage her to eat something other than mac’n cheese when we go out to eat. By the way, she’s 11. I’d love to know what the addictive ingredient is. Lol.

    You’re doing a great job! All good moms worry about everything.

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