My mom frustrates me

Not to confuse anyone about the subject of this post, it’s about me & my daughter, not me & my mother.  See my 7 yr old had her friend sleep over and by the next afternoon they were chomping at the bit to play outside.  When I say ‘chomping at the bit’, I really mean they were bugging me so bad I was ready to commit hari kari.  It had been raining all morning thus my reluctance to let them play outside.  So *finally* I agreed to let them go outside (I just couldn’t take it any more). 

Here’s some back story, my daughter & this particular friend has known each other since birth ~literally.  We have a picture of the two of them side by side in the playpen when my daughter was about 3 wks old.  Her friend is exactly 1 mo. older.  They get to see each other & play only sporadically but they always have a blast together.   

All right, moving on, I tell them they can now go outside to play but they need to put proper shoes on.  If it were up to these two, then they would have worn flip flops ~ which, if it were 75 degrees or warmer I might have gone along with ~ but it was barely in the 60’s, cloudy, and windy (ok, that wraps up my weather report).  So, I tell them to get SOCKS and SHOES on before they take one step out the front door.  This is when the drama begins because for whatever reason they have both selected socks that don’t fit their feet.  ~Side note: Please do not ask me why I haven’t taken the too small socks out of my daughter’s sock drawer.  Now the begging begins, “help me put these socks on!” (can’t you just hear the whining voice?), I reply, “no, if those don’t fit, then get a different pair of socks”. 

Here’s where it gets funny, as I am walking through the doorway of my daughter’s room, I hear her tell her friend, “my mom frustrates me!”  I have to rush down the hallway so as not to laugh out loud right there!  Hearing this does not make me mad or sad but glad.  HA HA!  I’m really actually quite happy about this announcement because a wise friend told me that one of our jobs as parents is to frustrate the heck out of our children.  REAL life is frustrating.  Nothing ever comes easy… we all have to work for what we want.  Well, most of us have to work for what we want.  There are some that have inherited a lot of money, but their lives are difficult in ways that us regular people don’t understand. 

Eventually they found socks that fit and yes, they put them on all by themselves, got their shoes on, and went outside to play.  It was pretty cute watching them, too.  My father-in-law recently gave her a set of kids golf clubs and some balls, so they hit the balls all over the yard for about 5 minutes before moving on to a completely different activity.  But at least they were outside having fun (oh, yeah, and not bugging me)!

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical)



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