Things I find in pockets

I am always amazed by what I find in the pockets of my children’s jackets or pants.  Once I found that my 2 yr old had deposited an entire handful of sand into her pocket!  That certainly was a delightful surprise for me.  I began removing her jacket by pulling one arm out at a time and when I got to the second arm, the sand started spilling out of the opposite pocket.  Of course my reaction was ~ what the heck?! (but I may not have said ‘heck’).  Her reaction was more like ~ oh, yeah! I forgot I put that there!  Goody!  

Generally speaking I don’t usually find sand in their pockets.  Bits of string, small rocks, a piece of crayon, or tanbark from the school yard are more on par with the daily norm.  Luckily, only one time have I had a raisin come out of the pants pocket of my 2 yr old.  Unfortunately, I found it after it went thru the washing machine.  Yuck.  You know how raisins are kinda wrinkly and semi-flat?  Well this one was all smooth and bloated!  Seriously gross!

What fascinates me about the odds and ends that my two girls put into their pockets is why these particular items?  Is it purely random?  Like no matter what the item is they’ll save them?  Or do they pick things that they really like & want to keep?  And if so, then what is it about each of the items that they find so worthwhile?  I wonder if it is genetic or typical of all children? 

I’ve been told on a number of occasions that when my father-in-law was a small boy, he would come home with his pockets filled to overflowing with bits and bobs that he had amassed during the day.  As far as I can tell, he still saves just about everything.  So this takes me directly back to the question, “Is it genetic?”  Both of my girls have exhibited this behavior.  My 7 yr old saves everything (NO, I’m not exaggerating).  I constantly have to go through her room to get rid of all the miscellaneous “junk” (see, I think that these things are junk but she apparently thinks they are treasures).  Candy / gum wrappers ~from who only knows when, the kid’s place mats from Chevy’s that she once colored ~probably from a year ago, every piece of paper that she has EVER drawn/colored/scribbled on, not to mention the bits of string, twigs, and acorn shells she collected over her 7 years on this planet.

To date (and I pray it stays this way) I have never found any living or non-living “creature” in any pockets.  I suppose if I had had boys this possibility would be more likely.  So I *again* thank my lucky stars that I had girls!  Ask me in, oohhh say 3 years or less if I’m still glad I had girls, my answer might be different.

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